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Collection Swab & Virus Sampling Tube

  • Flocked swab
  • 155-4402
  • Stick: ABS Tip: Nylon Flocked
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Stick : ABS 

Tip Nylon Flocked


Individual Pack,

Electron beam sterilization

Product Overview

◎ Description:

Adapted to collection and later separation for virus of flu, Bird flu, Hand-foot and mouth disease, measles etc. It is also adapted to collection and tranport for Viruses, such as Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma specimens. Generally collect specimen from: Oral cavity, throat, nasopharynx, anus etc.

◎ Product composition:

1. Sample collection tube:

Tube body and cap are made by Polypropylene, No deformation after HTHP(121°C, 15min), no embrittlement under low temperature (-196°C). it can bear static extrusion and dynamic impact. Taper bottom design makes it bear centrifugation and shaking. Leakage proof.

2. Sample storage liquid: According to vast test of the influence to cells among Basic liquid, buffer system, protein stabilizer, freezing protective agent, amino acid,etc. We summarize a formula which is most applicable for the virus storage. It can keep a high efficiency for virus storage, and largely increase the positive rate of virus culture. Glass bead inside for easy elution, it can make more

microorganism such as virus release to the storage media.

3. Flocked swab:

Innovative jet embedded nylon technology can improve the efficiency of the sample collection from the patient at the largest degree.The nylon is adhered vertically and uniformly on the surface of swab tip, which can improve the efficiency of collecting and releasing cells and liquid samples. Improve analytical sensitivity, No specimen residual and can accelerate the

specimen treatment. PS sticker is easy to break off. Adapted to cervix uteri, nasopharynx, oral cavity, Forensic Acquisition System and DNA collecting etc.

4. Product composition:

1) Disposable Sterile flocking nylon swab or polyester fiber swab, one piece.

2) 1-6m UTM liquid(Higher positive rate of PCR test), Two glass beads. Φ16×100mm sealed collection tube, one piece .

3) Biosafety bag, one piece.

4) The swab and collection tube is packed by paper-plastic bag or blister bag, Electron beam sterilization.

5) 2 years expiry at normal temperature.



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