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Micro Blood Collection Tube [041-0243]

  • Micro Blood Collection Tube
  • 041
  • PP
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REF.Original REF.VolumeAdditiveQty in caseDetailed information
041-0243KJ001-10.25-0.5mlEDTA100PCSx30E.O. or Gamma Radiation / Non-Sterile
041-07430.25-0.5mlLithium Heparin100PCSx30
041-0244KJ001-10.25-0.5mlEDTA100PCSx30E.O. or Gamma Radiation / Non-Sterile
041-07440.25-0.5mlLithium Heparin100PCSx30

Product Overview

◎ This type is a newly designed micro blood collection tube of 041 type. With higher automation degree in the laboratories, informatization is also promoted, barcode scanning, specimen tested on machine, Test result storage are all common items in laboratory. This newly designed micro blood collection tube can be applied for blood analyzer directly, It has advantage on function and structure which can meet the test requirement furthest.

Smooth and round design on tube mouth, which can be used to collection tip blood sample smoothly.

Barcode management, Enough space left to observe blood collection volume after barcode pasted. It can be connected to the informationalized data system easily.

 V bottom for easier collection and absorbing of blood sample.

 lengthened Tube body is customized for automatic inspection of blood analyzer,It can be put in test tube rack, easily for specimen management in labs.

◎ It can be adapted to: All manual loading analyzer, Including: Mindary 5100,5300,5800,6800. NIHON KOHDEN 7222, 8222 analyzer, SYSMEX XS500i, XS800i, 1800, 2100. It can be loaded directly in:XS1000i, 900i, XNB2, XNB4 model of SYSMEX analyzer.

 Applicable for many automatic CRP machines.



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