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Non-Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

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REF.Original REF.Tube SpecificationNominal VolumeAdditiveQty in case
0304-0312KJ204-4Ø13×75mm3mlNo Additive100PCS×20
0304-0522Ø13×100mm5mlNo Additive100PCS×20

Product Overview

◎ Made of medical grade PP material.

◎ Siliconization treatment on the inner surface, no blood adhesion after collection.

◎ High quality gel makes the serum separation complete with no fibrin adhering to the inner surface of the tube.

◎ There uniformly sprays the quantitative coagulant/anticoagulant, which will mix smoothly and completely with the blood, thus ensures fast coagulation or effective anticoagualtion.

◎ Good compatibility makes the tube match with various kinds of biochemical, immunity and haematology analyzers.

◎ Labes which can indicate the precise blood collection volume can be customized according to clients requirement.

◎ KANGJIAN now lauch the new type non-vacuum tube.

◎ With the excellent design for the stopper and tube structure, it is convenient for inserting or removing the stopper.

◎ Perfect match between the stopper and the tube ensures no leakage.

◎ Easy and convenient for one-hand operation during the experiment.



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