Our two-in-one integration project officially launched

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With the continuous expansion of the Internet application field, informationization is an inevitable trend of social development. The integration of informationization and industrialization has become an important means to promote industrial development and social transformation. The management of the company attaches great importance to the information management work. From the strategic height, it has established the company's information management organization, kicked off the comprehensive implementation of the information management work, and actively carried out the construction of the two-integration project.

At 14:30 on May 15th, 2017, Jiangsu Kangjian Medical Products Co., Ltd. successfully launched the two-in-one integration management system. The company leaders attached great importance to this meeting, focusing on the integration of Jiangsu Kangjian Medical Products Co., Ltd. The system implements the background, significance, requirements and further work instructions for the integration of the two technologies. The representative of the management reads out the notice of appointment of the “two-integration project team”.

Ding Cunlin, the general manager of the company, emphasized that the integration of the two technologies should be implemented in the process of standardization, and the integration of technology and management will achieve the innovation consciousness and openness of “data access and resource coordination”. Hold high the "top no." banner, take the essential goal and essential purpose of "first-class standard", and aim at improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise. After the meeting, Li Le, the business management manager of the consulting party, conducted a description and process interpretation of the company's participants in the training of the two basic knowledge and the planning of the project.

This time, Jiangsu Kangjian Medical Products Co., Ltd. successfully held the launching ceremony of the two-in-one integration management system, which effectively promoted the development of the health care and medical integration management system. Through the benchmarking of the two-integrated management system, find out the gap between the enterprise in the Internet era and the advanced management system and benchmarking enterprises, and do a good integration of industrialization and informationization, promote industrialization with informationization, and promote informationization through industrialization. Pushing the industry to upgrade, to create a new capability for sustainable development, to achieve the leading position of Jiangsu Kangjian Medical Products Co., Ltd. in the chemical industry!




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